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The founder and ideologist of X-PARK is Yuri Zozulya. In the 2000s, after becoming acquainted with kitesurfing and wakeboarding, as well as seeing linear and circular cable lines in France, he was inspired to create such a place in Ukraine.

Wakeboarding is a sport that can change lives. 

Thus, wakeboarding in Ukraine began its history with Extreme Park X-PARK. Later, the creator of the park registered wakeboarding as a sport with a national status and founded the Ukrainian Federation of Wakeboarding and Water Skiing. The place itself on the banks of the Desenka River has always been attractive to the people of Kyiv. That is why the idea arose and, as it turned out later, even the need, to support other sports, to give them the opportunity to develop side by side. Now the goal of the X-PARK is to popularize sports, including fun and other outdoor activities, in the city for people of any preferences and ages. And already in 2007, the first X-traction ring road in Ukraine was realized in the Muromets park and the Extreme Traction club was founded. A year later, a linear road was installed. By the way, the main criterion for choosing the location of the extreme park was the conclusion of German experts on the quality and chemical composition of the water (they inspected about 60 water bodies, and only 2 of them met sanitary standards).

Contribution of X-PARK to the development of sports in Ukraine

X-PARK is a platform ready for any integration, thus it manages to host international and all-Ukrainian competitions on its territory. Among them are:

– Wakeboarding competitions as part of the global ranking of the World Wakeboarding Association (WWA). By the way, Ukraine was the first among the CIS countries to organize wakeboarding competitions;

– annual Strongman Championships of Ukraine;

– Cups of Ukraine and Kiev on beach volleyball;

– Cup of Ukraine in auto-modeling sport;

– International surfing competitions;

– Zumba and Kangoo Jumps festival;

– Sports paintball tournaments.

X-PARK makes it possible to fully accommodate sports federations in the park and conduct their training for athletes. Currently, such federations are the Strongman Federation of Ukraine, the Dragon Boat Rowing Federation of Ukraine, the Wakeboarding and Skiing Federation of Ukraine.

Main locations (sports and fun):

– 7 linear cableways for wake;
– 2 ring cableways for wake;
– field for beach volleyball and tennis;
– 2 open and 2 indoor fields for football;
– boxing area;
– SUP, kayak club;
– 2 pump tracks;
– Slackline zone;
– Paintball field;
– Water area for boat wakeboarding;
– Segway Park;
– Bicycle tracks;

 – Bumperball;
– Water area for wakesurfing;
– Rope park;
– Climbing area;
– Airsoft;
– Shooting range;
– Laser tag;
– Track for pit bikes and ATVs;
– Motorcycle site;
– Trampoline complex;
– Skimboard zone;


– The X-PARK Kiev Extreme Park began its history with one pontoon and boat;

– The place is supported by the Klitschko brothers and it is one of their favourite vacation spots in Kiev;

– Only 25% of the park’s territory is occupied, although this area is growing every year;

– Despite the fact that many people associate X-PARK with summer sports, there is also a winter sports base here, including tubing, cable boarding (snowboarding), biggest in Ukraine ici diving club, cross-country skiing. In the future, it is planned to implement a project to build a stadium for training hockey players;

– The age of X-PARK riders is from 2 to 78 years. Among the most adult riders, it is worth to highlight Valentin Shcherbachev;

– The concept of the park is the idea that sports and sports activities should be varied and enjoyable;

– In addition to the emphasis on sports, the extreme park also has a relaxation zone, a food court and hotel accommodation for athletes;

– In November 2018, X-PARK became the first partner of the All-Ukrainian sports portal, founded by Vladimir Klitschko MixSport.pro. As part of the project, the park was fully digitized and a unified 3-D tour of the park was created.

– In 2019, new locations were opened – 11 tennis courts in conjunction with the Kiev Children’s Tennis Academy, as well as a new linear cableway on a unique artificial pond.

– In 2020, a new public bath was opened, which significantly popularizes and improves the bath culture in Kiev.

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