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    Try the awesome airsoft team game in X-PARK!

    Airsoft is a military tactical team game, as close as possible to realism. Players use the original military uniforms and drives – exact pneumatic copies of real military weapons that shoot with plastic balls (diameter 6 mm and weight from 0.20 to 0.43 g). The main feature of airsoft is a game of honesty! It is impossible to accurately determine the result “hit – did not hit.” Therefore, airsoft does not apply to sports, although it is a rather active type of pastime. The training grounds for airsoft players are ruins, abandoned children’s camps, inactive factories, as well as open areas – forests and fields. In airsoft games, many scenarios are used, from simple linear “capture the opponent’s flag” or “occupy the building” to complex ones – “plant a bomb at one of these points with the help of a VIP person” or “destroy a convoy, while not allowing the destruction of its own base” etc. Airsoft has many advantages – it includes outdoor activities, communication with interesting people, and solving unusual tasks when planning an attack or defense, and revealing your unknown talents – a scout, unit commander, sniper, attack aircraft. Airsoft can be your hobby, you just have to try it!

    The airsoft game in X-PARK takes place on the AG Arena CQB site in the format of single (1 on 1) and double (2 on 2) duels, according to which the winner of a friendly tournament is determined. Unlike playing in a large territory, for example, in a forest, where you need to spend time searching for the enemy, and only then join the battle, the game on the CQB site is very active and dynamic. In a short period of time, you will play many rounds, getting a maximum of vivid emotions and 100% pleasure from the time spent.

    The format of airsoft duels has many advantages! In this game, both 2 people and a company of 10, 20, 30 or more people can take part, which is great for corporate events and team building. With a large number of players, the results of pair duels are signed in the standings, at the end of the game the winner is determined! The more participants, the more interesting and exciting game! Adrenaline overwhelms both players on the battlefield and those who watch this spectacular sight!
    We invite you to plunge into the exciting atmosphere of the game on the AG Arena CQB venue, relax actively and get a powerful positive charge!

    The cost of participation is 200 UAH. per person., including 150 balls, airsoft, goggles and mask, tunic and headgear.

    Included in the price:

    short safety briefing and airsoft rules;
    airsoft machine;
    protective glasses;
    mask, headpiece, tunic (optional);
    150 balls per person
    Possible game scenarios: 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 (at the same time 4 people can be on the court), the game takes place in the tournament format or in the elimination format.

    You can book a game by phone 063 286 01 82

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