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бампербол в киеве
бампербол в киеве

Football in balls is an incredibly fun game available at X-PARK

X-Park is a huge entertainment center. There are collected a lot of attractions giving excitement and fun. Therefore, if you like extreme and outdoor activities, here you will have something to do. Among the variety of all kinds of adventures, the game of football in inflatable balls stands out – an interesting, active and exciting entertainment for you, your friends and family.

Sometimes you are amazed how many variations of games were invented on the topic of football. There is beach, water, snow football, and now this one. Bumperball is another interesting novelty in the market of active games. This is an incredibly exciting undertaking and you will see for yourself by coming to X-Park and playing it. Even its design itself will cause you keen interest and desire to try.
Football in balls is impossible without one fun element – a ball. The whole team, like spacesuits, puts on these spheres and a football match begins. This fun fun to see with your own eyes. Players clumsily move around the field, collide with each other, trying to take the ball, fall to the ground and kittens like koloboks.

You should take into account the fact that, despite all the falls and collisions, all this is completely safe. The fact is that the sphere perfectly protects a person from injuries at the time of the game. If you decide to try a bumperball in Kyiv and feel all its charms on yourself, then you are welcome to X-PARK. You can play it with your friends or family, making even your children active participants. In such an air ball you will receive a maximum of positive emotions.

To conduct the match, ten people are needed, five for each team. The price of a bumperball in X-Park for 10 people is 3,700 UAH per 1 hour.

The bumperball game was born in Norway, thanks to Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. It was they who came up with the extravagant idea of ​​modifying football by attaching transparent air spheres to the players. In 2011, the first match took place, which was even broadcast on Norwegian television. Then the broadcast was posted on the Internet and this attraction instantly gained immense popularity all over the world.

Everyone can play bumperball, but there are several restrictions on age and height. To participate in this adventure you need to have a weight of not more than 100 kg and a height of at least 120 cm. As in any active sport, it will be much more convenient for you to have fun in sportswear and sneakers. If you want more serious team entertainment with the ball, then you can play football on the X-PARK field

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