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катер киев прогулка украина вейксерф серф вейксерфинг
Boat trip along the Dnieper


аренда катамарана

X-PARK is always waiting for lovers of extreme sports, an active lifestyle and a fun pastime. One of the fascinating adventures that are offered here in a huge assortment is riding on catamarans on the Desenka riever.

Catamarans will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature of the park, the beauty of the water surface and just forget for a while about all the problems and worries. And really, what could be better for relaxation than water and beautiful landscapes?

This entertainment will leave you with some wonderful memories for two that will remain with you forever. So you not only brighten up your leisure time, but also get the maximum benefit for your health. Rest in the fresh river air always favorably influences an organism.

Rafting down the river on a catamaran will be an exciting adventure that will raise the level of adrenaline in your blood to the maximum. Pedal or bicycle catamarans, or as they are also called – pedal boats, are most often used for walking along the lake and river. This is an indispensable attribute of any recreation center or amusement park. There is nothing surprising, since it is one of the favorite activities of children and adults.


There is NO need to book in advance.

Rental price from 100 UAH. in an hour.

You can find out more information by calling 093 629 81 80

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