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Cross-country skiing

Fischer Nordic Shoot on the Postalm, Austria

Want to go cross-country skiing? Ski rental in Kiev X-Park awaits everyone

If you like to spend time actively, but want to try something new, you should pay attention to cross-country skiing. This is a wonderful way to strengthen your health and get a charge of positive mood for the whole day. Rental is located in the territory of the park Muromets, X-Park. There are more than 50 pairs of skis for rent, the equipment kit includes: poles, skis, boots. The cost is 100 UAH / hour.

Opening hours: 11-17:00. As a guarantee for rental you need: drive license or passport

For corporate applications or mass skiing, reservations are required by phone: (063) 136-25-85, (044) 229-26-17

And for those who are not familiar with other skis, I’ll open the mountain skis, we note the main differences:

1. Alpine skiing is used for sporting events or entertainment on mountain trails, slopes and virgin snow. Cross-country skiing is designed for walking on a flat surface.
2. Alpine skis have more different types and structural features than cross-country ones.
3. Alpine skiing primarily develops reaction speed and a sense of balance. Cross-country skiing is designed to train endurance.

The best X-Park ski rental in Kiev in the park Muromets at an affordable price

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