катер киев прогулка украина вейксерф серф вейксерфинг
Boat trip along the Dnieper
бампербол в киеве


The office environment contributes to the development of the blues. But there is a way out – we take a laptop and go to coworking, a pleasant and convenient space for work. A great place for those who are bored or unacceptable the standard style of working everyday life. Do not think that only startupers work in coworking – here you can meet tattooists, designers and many different types of trends. The park has good internet and places to work, which will give you the opportunity to work remotely. To reboot and distract from work, the park has many different sports for you.

We come and work in the fresh air near the water.

You can get more detailed information by phone 066 763 95 47