Jet ski

Flying in a wind tunnel

Fly away! – This is the first thing that goes astray after a tested sense of flight in a wind tunnel. You have overcome gravity! The sensations experienced during the flight in the wind tunnel are almost the same as during a parachute jump during a free fall. At the same time, flying in a wind tunnel passes without overloads and is safe. Feel how endorphins are distributed at 200 km/h throughout the cells of your body. Our wind tunnel will allow you to feel the full fly! You are ready?

You can find the wind tunnel right next to the pedestrian walkway at the entrance to the X-PARK or behind the parking if you arrive by car.

By the way, in X-Park there is an excellent secure parking.

Cost: from 700 UAH

You can get more detailed information by phone 067 657 41 51, as well as on the website

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