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Meet the most innovative water sport in Ukraine and at X-PARK – hydro-foiling

We are often asked: what is the difference between a hydrofoil and surfing. As always, we seek freedom. Surfing gives unreal freedom when you control in two planes against the background of a wave. In hydro-foiling we begin to feel another third plane, the third dimension – depth. And besides, to catch the slope of the wave, we still catch the viscous force that is under water. And having caught it, you perceive yourself as a pilot of an airplane. In this case, your maneuvers are obtained in 3-d. That is, if it is compared to a snowboard, it is like riding a prepared track or puff. So the foil is the freeride that can be done on water: to feel the water not only in the form of a wave slope, but also with depths and all other factors.

Foyle is a complexly coordinated projectile and requires special riding skills, preferably on a wakesurf or skateboard. In our experience, it is not worth starting to master the foil on the ocean wave. At least it’s dangerous. And even behind the boat, the process is not fast and expensive. The best way to master foil surfing is to start on a linear cable car. Then – “transfer” to the roundabout. And finish training with a pump and various tricks.

Foil-surfing is a new innovative sport, so the shape of the wings are still being developed by different manufacturers. It is already clear that for different waves and different weight riders need new wings. For example, for riding the first wave behind the boat, an area of ​​1200 is sufficient. On the second wave, 1500. For the third wave, 2200 will already be needed.

Price: 4000hrn/ hour

The X-PARK has all the necessary wings that you can rent to master the foiling! We also have instructors who can teach you to stand on the foyle from scratch!

Book! Come! And have fun!

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