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Grill zone “Zozulia”

Welcome to the X-PARK entertainment complex. There are many interesting attractions that are able to give a lot of positive emotions and a lot of fun. There is a great adventure for everyone, whenever you are an extreme sports enthusiast, or just have an eager to find a corner of tranquility to relax in nature, enjoy its beauty and spend time with benefit.

Zozulya Grill zone in Kyiv is just the place where you will have a pleasant rest, a relaxed atmosphere.

Placed on the terrace by the river you can enjoy the warm summer weather, listening to the splashes of water and birdsongs.

This place is perfect for holding a birthday and other kinds of holiday events. Warm grill zone Zozulia can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people. This grill zone creates a pleasant atmosphere for its visitors, surrounding them with maximum care.

A river, beautiful nature, the sun and a delicious grill will surely become the key to an excellent mood.
Zozulya barbecue zone in Kyiv always keeps its doors open for everyone. If you are tired of the adventures that X-Park gave you, then here you would be able to take a breath.

Numbering of arbors from 501-513.

501 – 510

Up to 20 people

  • Mon-Thu – 1500 UAH
  • Sat – 2400 UAH
  • Fri, Sun – 2000 UAH


Up to 40 people

Mon-Thu – 2500 UAH
Fri-Sun – 3500 UAH

  • Mon-Thu – 2500 UAH
  • Sat – 4200 UAH
  • Fri, Sun – 3500 UAH

512 – 513

Up to 20 people

  • Mon-Thu – 1500 UAH
  • Sat – 2400 UAH
  • Fri, Sun – 2000 UAH

* The cost of renting a gazebo for the whole day from 11:00 – 22:00

** On holidays, all arbors have a weekend rate

The price includes tables, benches and barbecue.

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