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Jet ski

Jet ski is extreme and adrenaline available in X-Park Recreation Area

X-Park organizes your leisure activities. There is plenty of entertainment for fun. Some of them are not only fascinating, but also very extreme. So, if you want to increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, then here you will find many ways to do this. For example, renting a jet ski will be a great option to fulfill your desire, and to the fullest.

A jet ski is a high-speed personal watercraft for fast movement on water. It is equipped with a stationary internal combustion engine, and the process of movement is carried out by gliding on the surface of the water.

X-Park has a large base of jet skis; here you can pick up any jet ski for hire for extreme skiing. There are two types of these water machines, some allow you to move around while sitting, while others allow you to stand.

So the model in which the driver moves while standing is a sports one. It has great maneuverability and speed. It is used for freestyle competition and racing. Models for riding while sitting are practically not designed to perform tricks. Due to their stability and convenience, they are ideal for a walking style.

Jet skiing at X-Park is a unique incomparable pleasure

X-Park lets you surprise yourself. Riding a jet ski and clicking on the gas, you will give yourself unforgettable sensations and vivid memories. For example, a powerful beast Yamaha FX1100 issuing 160 horsepower will make your blood boil. Having got it, you will receive a full range of unforgettable emotions. Only wind, water and speed, this is the best extreme entertainment for those who are brave and full of life. If this courage tires you, you can always go to the relaxation zone.

X-Park takes care of your safety and organization. Skating takes place only in a life jacket. So you can not worry about anything else except curbing a real monster under your feet and taming the water surface in front. A sharp start, the roar of the engine, lightning acceleration will make time freeze for a second, and a sharp turn and splashes of water will cause unforgettable admiration and awe inside. You cannot refuse such a thing and you will definitely want to return to this experience.

The minimum rental time for a jet ski is 10 minutes, the cost of one minute is 60 UAH.

You can always book jet ski in Kyiv by calling 093 555 44 55

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