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Motocross Pit Bikes

pitbike pit bike brrrud motocross rent kyiv ukraine
pitbike pit bike brrrud motocross rent kyiv ukraine

Motocross in Kyiv X-Park – rental of pit bikes in Kyiv.

You have long dreamed of joining a society of thrill-seekers, but don’t know where to start? The Pit bike from Brrrud is exactly what you need. We will provide everything you need, equipment, a bike and teach you the skills of managing it over rough terrain. You dont need to have super power or a driver’s license. All that is required of you is the desire to put new feelings into your life !!!

The cost of trial skating is 800 UAH per 30 minutes. (understand what and how, try to drive with an instructor)

Driving in the park 1 hour – 12000 UAH

Driving in the park 2 hours – 2400 UAH

Natural landscapes with steep climbs, descents and turns, sandy areas, ditches and swamps are used as obstacles. Some artificial impassable stretches of the route are also created. Here, professionals show all their skills and even perform tricks while jumping in the air. Having rented motorcycles as a whole company, you can arrange real dirty (brrrudni) races.

Опубліковано Brrrud Понеділок, 11 лютого 2019 р.

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