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X-Park is a park of extreme entertainment and outdoor activities in Kyiv. There is a unique opportunity to have a good rest and get a lot of positive emotions. For example, among a wide variety of interesting offers you can choose paintball. Paintball is an english name that literally means a ball of paint. These balls are filled with harmless paint and are equipped in special pneumatic devices that are emitted by the force of compressed air. Paintball in X-Park is a way of playing “war games” since childhood.

Nevertheless, paintball in Kyiv is not at all fun for children, but a rather complicated game that requires great tactical skills and teamwork. It will give you an unforgettable vacation, a lot of ​​adrenaline and fun. For many people, it has become a hobby, a sport, or even part of life. Its rules are extremely simple. If a bullet hits you and a trace of its paint remains on you, you are amazed and must leave the field, where you will have to wait for the next game for revenge. The simplicity of this game also does not allow cheating, because clothes soiled in paint will immediately give out the defeated player.

X-PARK Paintball Club provides players with markers (airguns), a uniform, a set of balls and protective elements to prevent paint from entering the face and eyes.

Compared to other sports, paintball has one advantage – each of its rounds is not like the previous one and is always an exciting adventure. The adrenaline rush after the exciting moments of a duel with the enemy will delight you and make you feel like a real hero of the militants. Thanks to the choice of different locations, it doesn’t matter at all what your age and physical fitness is. The X-Park paintball game will make you feel the powerful adrenaline rush.
Sports and entertainment complex “X-Park” has a developed infrastructure. It consists of a place for changing clothes, a shooting area and a specially equipped area with soft obstacles, which allows you to hold competitions not only at the amateur, but also at the professional level (we have all the competitions of the National Paintball League NPU held here)

To play, just pay 400 UAH. per person. You will receive 300 balls and ammunition.

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