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X-PARK is a world of fun. Here you can actively and unforgettably relax in the city .  Therefore, do not hesitate, go on an adventure. Take with you the company of your best friends, relatives or family – and have more fun together. For example, SUP surfing in Kyiv will be a great activity for your entire company.

This is one of the options for outdoor activities that quickly became incredibly popular in the world, although it arose not so long ago.

SUP is an abbreviation of English words Stand Up Paddle. Literally translated this sport means “surfing with a paddle.” From the very name, the essence of this water entertainment becomes clear.

X-Park has prepared everything you need for effective SUP surfing.  There is  all the necessary equipment and gear. The SUP board is not at all complicated; not only adults, but also children or even elderly people can easily handle it. Also, you do not need to have special training at all. There are no restrictions, only your desire is needed.

You can also arrange cool competitions between friends. After such an active time, you will have plenty of positive emotions.

By the way, this sport was invented in Hawaii will help you to look at active water recreation from a new angle.

Take with you for a walk or training:
– a set of replaceable clothes (in hot weather, swimming trunks and t-shirts are enough)
– a set of replaceable shoes (old sneakers, sneakers, sports sandals)
– drinking water
– towel
– headdress
– sunscreen (optional)

– Entering into the water while intoxicated is prohibited

– Equipment breakdown in case of breakage is paid by the lessee at repair prices (with the exception of factory defects and normal wear and tear). We will not quibble specifically. In the event that the equipment is lost or rendered unsuitable for use, the lessee must reimburse the full cost of the equipment.

Rental price SUP boards: 1 hour from 120 UAH

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