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Wakesurfing is what makes you feel the powerful adrenaline rush and feel all the joys of life.

This sport is considered one of the best options for outdoor activities. Its essence is riding on an endless wave, which the boat creates with the help of its engine and ballast.

Would you like an unforgettable adventure on the water? Wakesurfing in Kyiv is what you are looking for
Wakesurfing in Kyiv is becoming an incredibly popular entertainment. This is truly an exciting sight. First you get on the board, catch your hands on a special cable and move with the boat behind it. Then you need to catch the wave that it leaves behind and release the cable after a good acceleration. X-PARK instructors will make sure that you ride the waves with the breeze, and the adrenaline in your blood rolls off speed and the bends or tricks performed.

For this, X-Park has all the necessary material facilities. A boat equipped with a powerful engine delivering 340 hp, an additional ballast to create a huge wave, a tower and a powerful audio system will ride you. The directional audio system sends a powerful sound to the surf rider. Skating on water with such musical accompaniment is a pleasure.

The wakesurfing that you try when you visit X-Park, one hundred percent imitate the feeling of a real ride on the ocean waves. Book your ride now! Stop putting off  your real pleasure!

X-PARK: +38 (063) 136-25-85

Cost: 10 minutes – 500 UAH

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