You can play football in Kyiv in X-PARK, the place where the best football grounds in Kyiv are: 3 open fields with night illumination and 2 indoor fields

The football fields at X-PARK have all the necessary infrastructure for a quality football game. There is high-quality artificial turf and excellent night lighting, which allows us to stay late until late. You can play football in Kyiv in the Muromets park  among beautiful nature in an ecologically clean area.

What can X-Park offer in terms of football:

A modern playing field with all the necessary infrastructure on it;
High quality artificial grass coating;
Ideal field proportions for a comfortable game, the size of which is 45×40 m.
Professional sports lighting that makes it easy to play in the evening. Such effective lighting is provided by 12 powerful Fillips spotlights 400 W, 300 lux.
The gates have standard dimensions of 2×3 m.
Separate locker room with all amenities. There are also individual shower rooms. Cold and hot water is constantly supplied to the shower room under good pressure.
Roomy stands with comfortable seats give your support group and friends the opportunity to enjoy the competition. Here you can also watch other teams.

Due to the moderate pricing policy of our amusement park, all attractions remain as attractive as possible for visitors. T

The cost of renting a field is from 700 UAH per hour.

To rent a football field you have to call at 096 203 88 06.

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