All Terrain Vehicle SHERP In The Asset Park 🎯 XPARK

All Terrain Vehicle SHERP

    All Terrain Vehicle SHERP
    All Terrain Vehicle SHERP

    It looks like a toy, its abilities are incredible. X-Park offers you a new unique activity – riding an all-terrain vehicle SHERP

    The all-terrain vehicle SHERP is a development that has no analogues in the world in its capabilities and characteristics.


    ◾️ Unique features:
    . maximum speed – 45 km / h;
    . overcomes a climb of 35 degrees and a place 1 meter high;
    . incredibly easy to overcome stone placers, sand, snow, felled forest, moves on ice and in water
    . swims and leaves the water on ice.

    Even these features are impressive. And there are dozens of them in SHERP!

    Do you want to try, huh?



    1 person – 1000 UAH

    5000 UAH hour of skiing + training. (15 minutes briefing, 45 minutes self-driving by an all-terrain vehicle).

    • The track to the X-park for riding an all-terrain vehicle is specially equipped. The complexity of its passage according to the creators of Sherpa 9/10

    • If you still have some doubts, we are definitely telling you: riding the SHERP can be an ideal option for creation of your extrememe memories.

    Хотите попробовать?

    Оставьте ваш телефон, мы перезвоним Вам!

      All Terrain Vehicle SHERP
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