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    The new Arena sauna, built in 2020, or, as we call it, Penguin Spa, has finally opened its doors to visitors!

    Having extensive experience in holding mass events, organizing holidays for thousands of Kyiv citizens, we finally realized what was missing in our territory. And this turned out to be the Arena complex, which includes a public bath for 40-60 people and a spacious lounge area – a warm 2in1 gazebo with a beautiful panoramic view of the river.

    And so, in more detail:

    Yes, the culture of public baths is not popular enough in our city, due to the mistrust of many guests to the service in such places and the cleanliness of the rest rooms. However, this is not about X-PARK.

    With us: always clean and tidy. All necessary sanitary procedures are carried out with exceptional regularity.

    So, what are the benefits of a public bath?

    1. You can come and go at any time without having to book it in advance, as well as in be in hurry and worry that the long-awaited vacation breaks down if you are not in time, because the paid time is already running out.
    2. If you suddenly have no one to go to the bathhouse with – do not be upset, go yourself, and there will be companions in place.
    3. You, as well as in classic baths, you can order the service of a professional bathhouse attendant.
    4. Low cost of visiting: only 150 UAH for an unlimited time in the bath.
    5. While a more “traditional” sauna visit will allow you to bathe in static contemplation, a visit to a public sauna will allow you to have a friendly conversation from time to time.

    So, there are huge ADVANTAGES of the public bath “Arena”.

    Since it is important for us that your experience in a public bath is extremely positive, we provide you with places to store personal items. Your personal items will be kept in separate lockers.

    We also equipped our warm arbor at the bathhouse, namely the lounge area with a mini-stage and a video panel. Thanks to this idea, combining winter swimming, spa procedures and training, standUp show, lectures and much more in a large sauna “Arena” with lounge area has become easy and affordable for a large company!

    An additional feature of the Arena complex is also the availability of a treatment room, hammam with chromotherapy and an outdoor jacuzzi.


    Our sauna is located almost in the very center of the city, but at the same time the landscape opening from its windows resembles a suburban one. Bath Penguin Spa “Arena” is located in the vast green park of Muromets.

    The building itself consists of two parts: a public sauna and a dressing room with a relaxation room. The view from the sauna and relaxation room, as we said, opens to the Desenka River. It has a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. By the way, the concept of our Arena complex is a prototype of AufKus-type complexes known in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

    Tips for visiting the bath:

    Do not forget to bring a bathrobe, towel and slippers. However, if you have forgotten something, do not worry, everything you need can be purchased on the spot in our Surf Shop.

    Most people who enjoy relaxing in the sauna relax on breaks on the street with a beautiful panoramic view of the Desenka River, wrapped in a towel, taking tea or water in their hands.
    Indeed, three such exits to the street will be beneficial for the body, each time remaining there for 8-10 minutes, for complete cooling.

    And so, the public X-PARK sauna allows you to develop a bath culture in Kyiv, and also makes visiting saunas with the goal of relaxation and healing the body budget and affordable.

    With the public bath “Arena” (Penguin Spa) there is no more reason to put off your vacation!

    Location: X-PARK Sports and Entertainment Complex, Muromets Park
    Opening Date: 2020
    Capacity: 50 people at the same time in the bath + 50 on the terrace
    Video review of the complex –
    * in the format of a public bath: 200 UAH for an unlimited time (before arrival, specify the working time of the public bath, depending on the season, it may change). You can clarify by phone or Telegram, Instagram
    * in the format of a warm gazebo for the event: 3500 UAH for the whole day + 1000 UAH for the bath service (for 3 hours, optional)

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      Sauna “Arena”
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