Wooden Playground In The Asset Park 🎯 XPARK
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Automodel track
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    Motocross Pit Bikes
    Motocross Pit Bikes

    All the Kyiv citizens know about X-PARK – a huge entertainment center among the colorful nature of the wonderful park Muromets. Residents and guests of the capital come here to relax.

    Adults can go in for sports and outdoor activities,  show courage in extreme activities that increase the level of adrenaline in the blood. They can also indulge in relaxation, sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the river or pool, or relax in one of the many entertainment venues. At the same time, children’s playgrounds allow the kids to have plenty of fun and completely plunge into the world of games.

    Looking for good playgrounds in Kyiv? X-Park created 5 modern sites
    This wooden playground, which, by the way, has a beautiful view at the Extreme Park water area, is located in the Aphrodite spa complex. Entrance is free

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      Wooden playground
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